Mystery 76 Ball in Bluewell, WV

Bluewell WV 76 Ball of Mystery

76 Ball fan Mark Turner writes in with a strange discovery he made in his figurative backyard: "I was driving through a nearby town a few days ago and spotted a 76 ball in an unlikely location. It’s up on a hill with no station nearby. I can only assume that somebody just liked it and decided to save it. From most angles when leaves are out, you probably can’t even see it. I’ve been past it a hundred times and never spotted it, so I don’t think the location was chosen to promote a station. Anyway, it’s in Bluewell, West Virginia behind the Rite Aid pharmacy on Route 52. I’d been by there many times but hadn’t noticed it.  You can’t look around much while driving on the busy road but my wife was driving this time and it caught my eye.  It’s near the intersection of routes 52 and 20, behind the Rite Aid.  If you try Google Maps, it will place the marker way off, when you search Rite Aid in Bluewell, so ignore their results.  Bluewell is small so it’s easy to find in person."

More photos are here. Thanks, Mark! And if anyone knows why there’s a 76 sign hidden up among the trees in West Virginia, please chime in in the comments section.